[ct-user] CT WIN and WIN XP

Bob Shohet, KQ2M kq2m at kq2m.com
Sat Nov 9 08:34:22 EST 2013


As the DOS machines slowly die away, I am being forced to consider
changing to CT WIN.  I have resisted this because
CT WIN does not support the DVP – a device that has been invaluable to me.

Having said that, I would be using WIN XP on both computers networked together.


1) How well and reliably does CT WIN run on WIN XP?

2) Does it matter if the two computers have difference
versions of XP?  XP Home vs. XP Pro?

3) What are the commands that I would use to network
the two computers?

4) Would I set up a config file similar to CTConfig.sys which
we used in CT DOS?

5) In what path/subdirectory on the computer would I place the config file for 

6) Are the networking commands different if I use real serial ports instead
of USB ports?  Does CT WIN support both serial and USB ports?

7) Does CT WIN support Keying through the LPT port in WIN XP?

8) What do you use to take the place of the DVP?  Are you able to
access some of its functions through your keyboard?  If you are able to 
access them, how do you set that up??

I am sure that there are other relevant questions that I have not asked,
but these are the obvious ones that I can think of for now.

Thanks in advance for your help and interest!


Bob Shohet, KQ2M

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