[ct-user] CT WIN and WIN XP

Bob Schreibmaier k3ph at ptd.net
Sat Nov 9 09:45:38 EST 2013

> 8) What do you use to take the place of the DVP?  Are you able to
> access some of its functions through your keyboard?  If you are able to
> access them, how do you set that up??
> Don't know.  Never had one.  You could use wav files in the computer with an audio program, but I'm not sure you could ties them to CT.

I never used the DVP, so I'm not sure of all its
functionality.  However, at the W3MF/K3PH station,
we have been successfully using the SM3WMV voice
keyer for several years.  It provides seven voice
memories using WAV files that you record.  Seems
to be enough for the usual CQ, exchange, QRZ, and
callsign memories.  Output comes from the PC's
sound card.  If you need PTT, the software provides
a choice of LPT1 or LPT2, or COM1 through COM8.


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