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Bob Shohet, KQ2M kq2m at kq2m.com
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Thanks Bob!


Bob Shohet, KQ2M

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Forgot to give the link to the SM3WMV software:


On 11/9/2013 9:45 AM, Bob Schreibmaier wrote:
>> 8) What do you use to take the place of the DVP?  Are you able to
>> access some of its functions through your keyboard?  If you are able to
>> access them, how do you set that up??
>> Don't know.  Never had one.  You could use wav files in the computer
>> with an audio program, but I'm not sure you could ties them to CT.
> I never used the DVP, so I'm not sure of all its
> functionality.  However, at the W3MF/K3PH station,
> we have been successfully using the SM3WMV voice
> keyer for several years.  It provides seven voice
> memories using WAV files that you record.  Seems
> to be enough for the usual CQ, exchange, QRZ, and
> callsign memories.  Output comes from the PC's
> sound card.  If you need PTT, the software provides
> a choice of LPT1 or LPT2, or COM1 through COM8.
> 73,
> Bob
> K3PH

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