[ct-user] How to unsubscribe

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Mon Nov 11 13:30:12 EST 2013

   1. Go to http://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/ct-user (like most
   reflectors, this link appears at the bottom of every message posted here)
   2. Go to the bottom of that web page, where it says "CT-User List is run
   by ..."
   3. Send a private email to that address to explain the situation

Another alternative:

   1. Go to http://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/ct-user
   2. At the bottom, fill in ZC4LI's email address and click *Unsubscribe
   or edit options*
   3. On the next page, instead of entering a password, go to the bottom
   and click the *Remind* button
   4. His password will be sent to his registered address, which his widow
   may then forward to you, and you can unsubscribe ZC4LI from this list

Bob, N6TV

On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 5:44 AM, steve hodgson <hodgson at cytanet.com.cy>wrote:

> HI
> I have over the past few week been unsubscribing for a Silent Key (ZC4LI)
> But so far seem to have been unsuccessful
> I wonder could someone please explain How to under these circumstances.
> No password is known
> de Kevin G0NUP kevin at princy.co.uk
> for Steve's (ZC4LI) widow.
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