[ct-user] CTY-2610 Country Files - 05 August 2016

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Thu Aug 4 21:54:13 EDT 2016

The Country (CTY) Files were updated on 05 August 2016:


For installation instructions, start at:


Hover your mouse over the word Contest in the menu, then select the
software you are using.

To install the file, follow the link to your software at the top of the page.

If you are interested in a bigger CTY.DAT for everyday logging, you can get
it here:


Note that the release notes (and Version Entity) for this larger file are
different than what is shown below.  There is a separate link to them.

Here are the release notes:

    5 August 2016 (CTY-2610)
    VER20160805, Version entity is Syria, YK

    Added/changed Callsigns/prefixes:

	* GB2HMC is Shetland Islands, *GM/s
	* TA6CQ/1 is European Turkey, *TA1
	* 9M4CSR is East Malaysia, 9M6
	* EA1URL/CVL and EA5AER/P are both Spain, EA
	* EA1QE/6, EA1YO/6, EA5BB/6, EA5FL/P and EC5EA/P are all Balearic Islands, EA6
	* TO200SPM and TO5FP are both St. Pierre & Miquelon, FP
	* GB16SW and GB2SW are both Northern Ireland, GI
	* GB0BAJ, GB1OL, GB2HMC, GB2LCL, GB2LCT and GB5FLM are all Scotland, GM
	* GB3HLS and GB4NTB are both Wales, GW
	* II0FDR is Sardinia, IS
	* K5ZM, N2CJN, W1DGL and WA2BFW are all United States, K in CQ zone 3, ITU zone 6
	* KI6DY is United States, K in CQ zone 4, ITU zone 7
	* AL4B, KY6AA, NN4SA and W6UB are all United States, K in CQ zone 4, ITU zone 8
	* K5AUP and NP2GG are both United States, K in CQ zone 5, ITU zone 8
	* K2NMA and W2ONH are both Mariana Islands, KH0
	* KI4KKH, KI4KKI and NP3EZ are all Guam, KH2
	* K6CEE and KC8EFI are both Hawaii, KH6
	* KC7RCP, KM4NIC and N6JMK are all Alaska, KL
	* KK4EBE is Puerto Rico, KP4
	* LU5XP/D is Argentina, LU
	* LR1AW/X is Argentina, LU in ITU zone 16
	* TA1BX/3 is Asiatic Turkey, TA
	* R870T, RU2FB/5, UA0S/4, UA9UAX/6, UE00S and UE09VG are all European Russia, UA
	* R5QQ/1 and R95KOMI are both European Russia, UA in CQ zone 17, ITU zone 20
	* RZ16FM is European Russia, UA in CQ zone 17, ITU zone 30
	* R1NW/2 is Kaliningrad, UA2
	* R1716K, R1716M, R1716O, R1716S, R300, R430LT, RA4AAJ/9, RN16CW and UE45AWT
	  are all Asiatic Russia, UA9
	* RK4PA/9 is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in ITU zone 20
	* RT9S, RT9T and RZ16WF are all Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 16
	* RA4FRH/0/P, RQ16CW and RR9O are all Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 18, ITU zone 31
	* R1BDD/0 and R1BDD/0/P are both Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 18, ITU zone 32
	* RT0Q is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 19, ITU zone 23
	* R66IOTA and RD16CW are both Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 19, ITU zone 34
	* VE3AXC/2 and VE3NE/2 are both Canada, VE in CQ zone 2, ITU zone 4
	* VK5MAV/6 is Australia, VK in CQ zone 29, ITU zone 58

    Retired Callsigns/prefixes:

	* VP8ADE in Antarctica, CE9
	* EA1RCG/CPV, EA1RCI/ICA, EA8BFH/4, EA8BFH/5 and EA8BFH/P in Spain, EA
	* TO972M in Martinique, FM
	* GB1AFP and GB2MAC in Northern Ireland, GI
	* GB2GEO and GB4JCM in Scotland, GM
	* GB1JC, GB2MOP and GB5GEO in Wales, GW
	* KH6XS in United States, K
	* K4XV, KB1GC, KK6ZZE, W6SHH and WB4JTT in Hawaii, KH6
	* KG7TGE and N7MTG in Alaska, KL
	* K4S in US Virgin Islands, KP2
	* KM6CTO in Puerto Rico, KP4
	* LU4DQ/D and LW4HCL/H in Argentina, LU
	* SV0XCA/P in Dodecanese, SV5
	* TA1D/3 in Asiatic Turkey, TA
	* R85KFF, R9CZ/3, R9XT/6, RA0ZZ/3, RP1A, RP1B, RP1C, RP1D, RP1F, RP1H,
	  RP1J, RP1L, RP1M, RP1N, RP1O, RP1P, RP1Q, RP1R, RP1S, RP1T, RP1W, RP1X,
	  RP1Z, RP2A, RP2B, RP2C, RP2D, RP2E, RP2G, RP2H, RP2I, RP2J, RP2L, RP2M,
	  RP2N, RP2O, RP2P, RP2Q, RP2R, RP2S, RP2T, RP2U, RP2V, RP2W, RP2X, RP2Y,
	  RP2Z, RP3A, RP3B, RP3C, RP3D, RP3E, RP3F, RP3G, RP3H, RP3I, RP3J, RP3K,
	  RP3L, RP3M, RP3N, RP3O, RP3P, RP3Q, RP3R, RP3S, RP3T, RP3U, RP3V, RP3W,
	  RP3X, RP3Y, RP3Z, RP4A, RP4B, RP4C, RP4D, RP4F, RP4H, RP4I, RP4L, RP4M,
	  RP4N, RP4O, RP4P, RP4Q, RP4R, RP4S, RP4T, RP4U, RP4W, RP4Y, RP4Z, RP5A,
	  RP5B, RP5C, RP5D, RP5E, RP5F, RP5G, RP5H, RP5I, RP5J, RP5K, RP5L, RP5M,
	  RP5N, RP5O, RP5P, RP5Q, RP5R, RP5S, RP5T, RP5U, RP5V, RP5W, RP5X, RP5Y,
	  RP5Z, RP6A, RP6B, RP6C, RP6D, RP6E, RP6F, RP6G, RP6H, RP6I, RP6J, RP6K,
	  RP6L, RP6M, RP6N, RP6P, RP6Q, RP6R, RP6T, RP6U, RP6V, RP6W, RP6X, RP6Y,
	  RP7A, RP7B, RP7C, RP7D, RP7E, RP7F, RP7G, RP7H, RP7I, RP7J, RP7K, RP7L,
	  RP7M, RP7N, RP7P, RP7Q, RP7R, RP7T, RP7U, RP7V, RP7W, RP7X, RP7Y, RP8F,
	  RP8G, RP8X, RP9F, RP9G, RP9X, RR1A, RR1B, RR1C, RR1D, RR1F, RR1H, RR1J,
	  RR1L, RR1M, RR1N, RR1O, RR1P, RR1Q, RR1R, RR1S, RR1T, RR1W, RR1X, RR1Z,
	  RR2A, RR2B, RR2C, RR2D, RR2E, RR2G, RR2H, RR2I, RR2J, RR2L, RR2M, RR2N,
	  RR2O, RR2P, RR2Q, RR2R, RR2S, RR2T, RR2U, RR2V, RR2W, RR2X, RR2Y, RR2Z,
	  RR3A, RR3B, RR3C, RR3D, RR3E, RR3F, RR3G, RR3H, RR3I, RR3J, RR3K, RR3L,
	  RR3M, RR3N, RR3O, RR3P, RR3Q, RR3R, RR3S, RR3T, RR3U, RR3V, RR3W, RR3X,
	  RR3Y, RR3Z, RR4A, RR4B, RR4C, RR4D, RR4F, RR4H, RR4I, RR4L, RR4M, RR4N,
	  RR4O, RR4P, RR4Q, RR4R, RR4S, RR4T, RR4U, RR4W, RR4Y, RR4Z, RR5A, RR5B,
	  RR5C, RR5D, RR5E, RR5F, RR5G, RR5H, RR5I, RR5J, RR5K, RR5L, RR5M, RR5N,
	  RR5O, RR5P, RR5Q, RR5R, RR5S, RR5T, RR5U, RR5V, RR5W, RR5X, RR5Y, RR5Z,
	  RR6A, RR6B, RR6C, RR6D, RR6E, RR6F, RR6G, RR6H, RR6I, RR6J, RR6K, RR6L,
	  RR6M, RR6N, RR6P, RR6Q, RR6R, RR6T, RR6U, RR6V, RR6W, RR6X, RR6Y, RR7A,
	  RR7B, RR7C, RR7D, RR7E, RR7F, RR7G, RR7H, RR7I, RR7J, RR7K, RR7L, RR7M,
	  RR7N, RR7P, RR7Q, RR7R, RR7T, RR7U, RR7V, RR7W, RR7X, RR7Y, RR8F, RR8G,
	  RR8X, RR9F, RR9G, RR9X, RT73LF, RU2FA/3, UA9MRX/3 and UE98PW in European Russia, UA
	* RP2F, RP2K, RR2F and RR2K in Kaliningrad, UA2
	* R3CA/0, R3CA/8, R3CA/9, RA/EW1RR, RA0BA/8, RB0, RB8, RB9, RD0B/8,
	  RP0, RP0A, RP0B, RP0C, RP0D, RP0E, RP0F, RP0G, RP0H, RP0I, RP0J, RP0K,
	  RP0L, RP0M, RP0N, RP0O, RP0Q, RP0R, RP0S, RP0T, RP0U, RP0V, RP0W, RP0X,
	  RP0Y, RP0Z, RP8, RP8A, RP8B, RP8C, RP8D, RP8E, RP8H, RP8I, RP8J, RP8K,
	  RP8L, RP8M, RP8N, RP8O, RP8P, RP8Q, RP8R, RP8S, RP8T, RP8U, RP8V, RP8W,
	  RP8Y, RP8Z, RP9, RP9A, RP9B, RP9C, RP9D, RP9E, RP9H, RP9I, RP9J, RP9K,
	  RP9L, RP9M, RP9N, RP9O, RP9P, RP9Q, RP9R, RP9S, RP9T, RP9U, RP9V, RP9W,
	  RP9Y, RP9Z, RQ4D/8, RR0, RR0A, RR0B, RR0C, RR0D, RR0E, RR0F, RR0G, RR0H,
	  RR0I, RR0J, RR0K, RR0L, RR0M, RR0N, RR0O, RR0Q, RR0R, RR0S, RR0T, RR0U,
	  RR0V, RR0W, RR0X, RR0Y, RR0Z, RR8, RR8A, RR8B, RR8C, RR8D, RR8E, RR8H,
	  RR8I, RR8J, RR8K, RR8L, RR8M, RR8N, RR8O, RR8P, RR8Q, RR8R, RR8S, RR8T,
	  RR8U, RR8V, RR8W, RR8Y, RR8Z, RR9, RR9A, RR9B, RR9C, RR9D, RR9E, RR9H,
	  RR9I, RR9J, RR9K, RR9L, RR9M, RR9N, RR9O, RR9P, RR9Q, RR9R, RR9S, RR9T,
	  RR9U, RR9V, RR9W, RR9Y, RR9Z, RS0, RS8, RS9, RT73AB, RT73BR, RT73BY, RT73CG,
	  RT73CW, RT73EA, RT73EB, RT73EL, RT73FL, RT73GM, RT73HE, RT73JH, RT73KB,
	  RT73LM, RT73OA, RT73PA, RT73SK, RT73SN, RT73VZ and RV9CHB/4 in Asiatic Russia, UA9
	* VE1CZ/5 in Canada, VE
	* VK6JON/3, VK6JON/5 and VK6MB/2 in Australia, VK
	* VK9OL in Lord Howe Island, VK9L
	* VK100ANZAC, VK2CA/9, VK2XSE/9, VK3AFW/9, VK3TWO/9, VK3YB/9 and VK9XIC
	  in Norfolk Island, VK9N
	* RI1ANA in South Shetland Islands, VP8/h

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert AD1C, <jjreisert at alum.mit.edu>, http://www.ad1c.us

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