[ct-user] Contact w/ CT users...

Brad Anbro n9en at live.com
Mon Nov 26 20:28:07 EST 2018

Hopefully I'm using the correct e-mail address to address the recipients of the "CT List."

I'd like to get in touch with others who still use the CT program in contests. I'm a 68 year-old retired industrial
electrician, living near Bristol, TN and moved to this location just over a year ago, from the northern Illinois
(Rockford) area.

My main interests in contesting are the CQWW, the ARRL Int'l. DX and the Scandinavian Activity Contests.

Thanks in advance for any replies to this message!


Brad Anbro, N9EN
Bluff City, TN
(815) 520-2323 (my cell phone)
E-Mail: n9en at live.com

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