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I think I made a mistake on that first list, so I will just include here
those I have from TN in 1830 with the county name.

Mo is the abbreviation for Monroe, but Mt is the abbreviation for
Montgomery.  I will not put the page number, because the census index CD's
which I purchased 4 or 5 years ago, sometimes leave off the first digit of a
three digit number.  For instance, Thomas Hooper is on it as being on page
44, but he is actually on Page 145 of Monroe County.  He is listed a second
time as Thomas Hoopers, Page 44, Monroe County, but when I compare his name
to the name Carter, with both ending with an "r", they are the same.  I
think it is just a "curlecue" on the end of the name.

I have all of these in my census tracking sheets for Tennessee.  I also put
all the Hopper spellings, because I have found in some cases Hopper in one
census and Hooper in another.  I even found one family that was Hopper on
the first sheet and where the family was continued on the next sheet, it was
Hooper, or vice versa.  I would have to look it up.

I also found a William Hopper in Claiborne Co., TN in 1830 and 1840, but I
have what I believe is his will and he was William Hooper on it.

All these listings are on the index again for 1832, which was a tax list,

Absolom H. Hooper - Wayne Co.
Absolom Hooper, Estate of - Davidson
Alfred Hooper - Humphreys
Andrew Hooper - McMinn
Andy Hooper - Cocke
Asa Hooper - Montgomery
Austin Hooper - Davidson
Bailey Hooper - Humphreys
Benjamin Hooper - Carroll
Benjamin Hooper - Smith
Churchill Hooper - Davidson
Claibourne Hooper - Davidson
Clemmons Hooper - Cocke
Clemmons Hooper - Cocke (father and son)
Daniel Hooper - Bedford
Daniel Hooper - Marion
Dixon Hooper - Perry
Edward Hooper - White
Enoch Hooper - Perry
Enis Hooper - Monroe
George Hooper - Wilson
Henry Hooper - Hardeman
Hiram Hooper - Sevier
Isaac Hooper - Sevier
Isaac N. Hooper - Sumner
Jacob Hooper - Sevier
James Hooper - Smith
James Hooper - Bedford
James Hooper - Davidson
James Hooper - Humphreys
James Hooper Sr. - Blount
Jane Hooper - Davidson
Jeffrey Hooper - Davidson
Jesse Hooper - Davidson
John Hooper - Davidson
John Hooper - Franklin
John Hooper - McMinn
John Hooper - Monroe
John Hooper - Sevier
John Hooper - Wilson
John R. Hooper - Davidson
Joseph Hooper - Bedford
Joseph Hooper - Hardeman
Joseph Hooper - Humphreys
Katharine Hooper - Humphreys
Martin Hooper - Davidson
Moses Hooper - Blount
Oliver Hooper - Warren
Richard Hooper - Hardeman
Richard Hooper - Tipton
Robert Hooper - Roane
Samuel Hooper - Humphreys
Mrs. Sarah Hooper - Montgomery
Thomas Hooper  - Monroe
Thomas Hooper - Sevier
Thomas Hooper - Smith
Thomas A. Hooper - Smith
William Hooper - Bedford
William Hooper - Bedford
William Hooper - Claiborne
William Hooper - Davidson
William Hooper - Humphreys
William Hooper - Madison
William Hooper - McMinn
William Hooper - Perry
Wilson Hooper - Montgomery

Listed again is Thomas Hoopers in Monroe County, but I have checked the film
and there is only one there.


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> Listed in the roster of 1830 West  TN (Carroll, Dickson, Hardeman,
> Hardin, Humphreys, Lawrence, McNairy, Montgomery, Shelby, Tipton, and
> Wayne) Counties) are the following:  Census will give heads of
> household and statistical information about family members:
> Hooper, Abaslom H. W-285
> Alfred Hu-307
> Asa W. Mo-23
> Bailey Hu-302
> Dixon P-223
> Henry H-376
> James Hu-302
> John Hu-302
> Joseph Hu-307, H-376
> Katherine Hu-310
> Richard T-268, H-376
> Samuel Hu-302
> Sarah (Mrs.) Mo-23
> William M. T-284
> Wilson L. MO-23
> I located my ancestor, Richard Hooper, from the Tipton County,
> Tennessee census and a copy of the original handwritten census is a
> wonderful thing to hold in your hand.
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