[Hooper] Family name change

Cage cage47 at vonl.com
Sat Mar 8 12:58:49 EST 2003

I've waited to post anything on the mailing list until I had a real 
contribution. But our family has made a slight breakthrough on our 
family history search. Many know that families that migrated from Canada 
to America (especially NY) changed their names or had it changed by 
immigration workers upon their entry into the country. It turns out this 
is also true for our family. But what is unique is the family name. It 
turns out that our earliest family relative is Jacob and Josephine 
Hooper. Their name was changed from originally Houple. We've also been 
able, with this info, to link our family with two other Hooper families 
in upstate NY that we were keeping an eye on. We had suspicions that 
they were relatives and it proves we were right. But from all we've 
researched, we are more and more sure we have no direct relation to the 
Hooper families in Tenessee, Virginia or Georgia (or that area) and no 
relation to the signer of the D.O.I. William. I wonder if anyone else 
has heard of this name. I know it's legitimate because I've done 
searches and found a girl listed on a sports team in Utah with this last 
name. But internet searches don't provide much more. And we're going to 
check out church records. The family has been traced to Lachine, Quebec. 
But that's as far back as we go for now. I've got it fairly well listed 
on my family website at


Stop by and take a look. (No it's not just a shameless plug for my site, 
this really is big news for us and it might link other upstate NY 
families if we can find them. I know there are a few branches of our 
family tree that are not filled in yet)

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