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For some who have questioned the Buckner/Straw relationships, I found 
this in the History of Shelby County, Vol 1:

"John W. Buckner was a resident of Tennneha District, which is now 
Shelby County,  In February 1836 where he signed a deed
for a tract of land in Matagora County.  He was a native of Caroline 
County, Virginia and his wife Elizabeth was a native of South Carolina. 
He participated in the battle of Goliad as a member of Albert Horton's 
Mounted Calvary.  He left a will which he made in Abrahma Robert's home 
in Shelby County dated June 6, 1837 leaving all his property to his 
wife Elizabeth.  They wee parents of the following children; Samuel 
Buckner born 1824, Thomas Buckner born 1827, Susan A. Buckner born 
1829, Elizabeth Buckner born 1833 and Francis Buckner born 1836. John 
W. Buckner died in the latter part of 1837 while on a trip to Matagorda 
County to attend to property inherited from his brother Aylett C. 
Buckner.  In the year 1838 Elizabeth,  his widow married Leonard W. 
Straw. He received a second class Land Grant in Shelby County of 640 
acres in October 1838. Straw was one of 30 people who signed the papers 
to create Shelby County out of the Tennaha District.  Straw Creek in 
Shelby County is named for him.  Leonard Straw and Elizabeth Buckner 
Straw with two small children are buried in Buckner Cemetery in Choice, 
Texas"- Newman Buckner, grandson of Nathan Buckner

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