Robert w5robert@blkbox.COM
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 00:38:18 -0500 (CDT)

I fired up NA version 9.21 tonight and ? & offer :
1.  I setup for CAQSO party, radio on one com port, TNC on another,
and DVP.  Recorded F1 and played it back.  Put in 3 dummy Q's and
F1 still worked OK and NA didn't bomb.   For those with DVP's how
often does NA bomb?  I got a warning sheet with NA on the DVP,
no bomb out here. (yet)

2.  Would be nice if  "EXIT" entered in the callsign field would
also exit the program.

3.  While I had the DVPtsr loaded, after one of the Q's I hit "ins",
darn, nothing happened.....   Sure would like to see that added as 
a feature.  Also, is there anyway in NA to point to the "CT" directories
with their recordings?  (can we say CT here?)

Rig access looks good -- followed all I did and OK link with an 
older PK88 to the cluster.
73 Robert  WB5CRG   

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