single multi w/na

James White
Wed, 2 Aug 95 22:42 EST

Dear fellow, or madam, NA user,

        NAQP approaches rapidly, and I may wanna risk my sanity even more.

        I would like to experiment with multiple computers (one per rig) for
a single operator multi-transmitter station configuration. By having a
computer controlled xcvr on one radio I will have less worry about my
correctly noting what band I am on while jumping around bandhopping...the
connected rig's freq information will automatically be tracked by na,

        OK, so I have one ear with a rig jumping from band to band moving
multipliers while the other rig calls cq and tries to keep running 'em...the
running radio could have its own computer/keyboard/keying. So when I have it
goin' on (slang for running em) in my right ear, I type on the right
keyboard....when I have a multiplier in my left ear I type on the left
keyboard....everyone follow what I wanna do?

        NOW, how do I get the two computers to share their log info (talk to
each other) I tell the computer I am a multi-op to get the data goin
back and forth...or do I just set up my network cabling and even though both
computers are running the software in single op mode they will understand I
am a single op looking to drive myself mad with not only two rigs, but two
computers as well....oh yeah, do I call the log by the same name on both
drive's computer logs - or is one "NAlogrig1" and the other "NAlogrig2"

        Do I have to lie to my computer and tell it I am a multi-op, or can
I just enter single op on the startup screens?  I hate to start telling the
computer lies, next thing you know the truck will have already left, the
check will be in the mail and I won't stick my floopy in your drive will


                                        Jim zx


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