COUNTRY.DAT file updated 20 December 1995

Jim Reisert AD1C (Jim Reisert AD1C)
Wed, 20 Dec 95 19:37:38 EST

The COUNTRY.DAT file has been updated to reflect a few changes from
the recent CQWW contests.

To get the file:

1.  Anonymous FTP to:

2.  Send a mail message to and request the 
    files you want, for example:

	GET country.dat
	GET history.cty

3.  Download the file from the NA-BBS (412-528-8877), the file name is

Here are the release notes:

20-Dec-1995:	* Added BA as prefix for China, BY.
(CTY-506)	* Added DS1BMJ, EM1KA, EM1U and LU1ZB to callsign list
		  for Antarctica, CE9.
		* Added zone overrides (CQ=13,ITU=73) for VP8CRE in CE9.
		* Added JD1/JQ1SUO to callsign list for Ogasawara, JD/o.
		* Added AH2M (NY), AL7H (CO), KL7NA (WA), KL7HIR (PA),
		  KP4XS (SC), WL7WO (CT) and WL7Y (GA) to callsign list for
		  United States, K.
		* Added KG4ML and KG4TJ as callsigns for Guantanamo Bay, KG4.
		* Added 4J3P to callsign list for European Russia, UA.
		* Added RM1P, RS1P (CQ=17,ITU=20) as prefixes for Russia, UA.
		* Added RM2, RS2 as prefixes for Kaliningradsk, UA2.
		* Added RM8, RM9, RM0, RS8, RS9 and RS0 as prefixes for Asiatic
		  Russia, UA9.
		* Added CK7U (CQ Zone 3) to callsign list for Canada, VE.
		* Added VA2CT, VE2/N6AA and VE2CMH in Zone 2 to callsign
		  list for Canada, VE.
		* Added LZ0A to callsign list for S. Shetlands, VP8/h.
		* Added LU6Z to callsign list for S. Orkneys, VP8/o.

As usual, please send any additions or corrections to

73 & Happy Holidays to all!

Jim Reisert

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