NA version 9

Sun, 17 Sep 1995 23:58:37 -0400

NA Version 9.23 is now available on the LTA BBS  (412-528-8877)
There was a problem which only affected edited QSOs across
a network of 2 computers or more. Unless the edited QSO
was the first with that call, NA could not find the edited
QSO on a remote computer, and would dump it into the .LOS
file. This is now fixed in 9.23  
Thanks to N1JEZ for pointing this out.
All recent NA-USER comments have been passed to K8CC.
No news to report on the DVP issues.  I talked with Dave and
he still feels that he can fix it.
The only way a DVP will work for sure now is if there
are no other devices running on COM ports when setting
up and using the DVP.
Notes on FT1000MP forwarded to K8CC. TNX N4PYD
K8CC is making sure the LPT port will slave with the 
top Ten and Dunestar devices.  TNX W5ASP, K1ZX and K3MD
Some FT990's are working, some are not. What do you know?
OPON crash maybe related to the radio / DVP hookup
Try DVP only.  TNX KD1NG
Sorry I have been slow in response to reflector questions.
I'll try and do better in the future.

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