[na-user] display freq in f8 window

Stu Mitchell 71357.3030@compuserve.com
02 Aug 96 21:27:06 EDT

ver 10.04.

In the new manual  on page 69 the note says that I should be able to manually
change the frequency in the freq window.  The default seems to appear ok with
the alt-f and the default  does work with and without the multi.cfg file.

Since I do not have radios on 903 etc with radio frequency control,  how do I
enter the freq?

I have tried 903100  9031000   I tried the decimal but it will not take it I
tried 9030000000 and the program crashes with the error 06 in na1004 at
I tried the space bar, the enter,  key the tab to execute it, it does disappear
and let you type in the contact. I tried with the radio enabled in the equipment
window and disabled.  I think I am missing something basic to entering a
frequency like number of digits etc. 

This function(seeing the frequency 903125.0) would be very usefull at w4iy for
the vhf contest in sept as we could see at the other stations what frequency
they were on as long as they typed it in.  Since we stay on one frequency for
long periods (until some one steals it) typing it in would be ok.

I have the 6 computers in the loop mode here to test.  I finally got the truck
back from woodstock as it broke down on the way back from the june contest. Do
not ask about the bill for the engine.

does anybody know how to do this ?
Thanks for your trouble in answering a simple question.

73, stu/wa0dyj
here or at stu@vmcs.com 

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