[na-user] Packet help

William Hendrick dabs@worldnet.att.net
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 22:25:55 -0500

We are using version 10 with a multi computer configuration and 
experiencing packet problems. One computer is set for local and talking 
to the TNC. The other computers are looped and set for remotes but don't 
see the info coming from the local. When doing an ALT-T on the remotes 
doesn't bring up the packet window. The local computer seems to work 
okay. The remotes are configured (in the config file) for a loop port 
only. In the equipment setup they are set for network only. What do you 
see wrong with our picture?? NA 9.29 works FB.

Thanks, Bill WD0GVY at NC0P

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