[na-user] TNC Control

Robert Wanderer aa0cy@robertwanderer.gardnerville.nv.us
Fri, 16 Aug 1996 02:09:54 +-100

This is not a NA only problem, but maybe your responses will fix ALL the =

I just got a loaded P/133 w/4 COM ports.  COM1 is trackball COM2 =
internal fax/modem COM3 goes to my Kenwood for controlling it and COM4 =
is for my PK88 TNC.  As an aside, NA10 and the TNC (as well as other =
control programs work FB on my 286 w/just COM1 and 2.  Also these =
problems occur whether I use MS-DOS prompt from Win95 or shut down the =
computer and restart in MS-DOS configuration.  If it means anything, =
COM4 uses IRQ9.

The TNC either doesn't respond at all or responds incorrectly.  With =
Procomm+, there's no response to the "*".  With PC PacRatt, it starts =
downloading and stops.  The ROM Release information is weird (I plan to =
call AEA and see if they can identify the problem based on this data).  =
With NA10, PKINIT makes the controller CMD LED light up, but there's no =
further response.

Everything else works with NA10 (so far).  COM3 band changes as the =
manual says it should and LPT2 operates the voice keyer and CW messages =

Any ideas?

Thanks and 73,

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