[na-user] TNC Control

Robert Wanderer aa0cy@robertwanderer.gardnerville.nv.us
Sun, 18 Aug 1996 03:41:20 +-100

Because the modem is internal, to the best of my knowledge I can't =
access it thru Systems Settings.  I tried using the same IRQ but it =
didn't work and I had to play games to get everything back to normal for =
the modem.

I just noticed that win.ini doesn't show COM4 at all.  Could that be the =
problem?  How would I go about adding it to this file?

Compared to Friday a week ago, I am so much more knowledgeable (I think =
I've reached functional illeterate status).  Everybody on these =
reflectors have been so helpful.

73, Bob AA0CY (aa0cy@robertwanderer.gardnerville.nv.us)

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<< This is not a NA only problem, but maybe your responses will fix ALL =
 I just got a loaded P/133 w/4 COM ports.  COM1 is trackball COM2 =
fax/modem COM3 goes to my Kenwood for controlling it and COM4 is for my =
TNC.  As an aside, NA10 and the TNC (as well as other control programs =
FB on my 286 w/just COM1 and 2.  Also these problems occur whether I use
MS-DOS prompt from Win95 or shut down the computer and restart in MS-DOS
configuration.  If it means anything, COM4 uses IRQ9.
 The TNC either doesn't respond at all or responds incorrectly.  With
Procomm+, there's no response to the "*".  With PC PacRatt, it starts
downloading and stops.  The ROM Release information is weird (I plan to =
AEA and see if they can identify the problem based on this data).  With =
PKINIT makes the controller CMD LED light up, but there's no further
 Everything else works with NA10 (so far).  COM3 band changes as the =
says it should and LPT2 operates the voice keyer and CW messages =
 Any ideas?

Set up the TNC on Com2 and do not use the internal modem. Leave the =
modem on Com2 also but
do not access the modem during other functions while running the TNC.

As long as a piece of hardware is not being  polled  by  software other
hardware that is can use it's same IRQ..
But if you want to use the modem and the TNC ...well sorry ...

Good luck let me know what happens..

73 de KR4DA Bob lawrenceville GA

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