[na-user] Omni VI SSB Power Out

Dale Martin kg5u@hal-pc.org
Sun, 18 Aug 1996 17:18:12 -0500

I wonder if anyone else is seeing this or is this just my Omni VI?

On CW, I get what looks like full power output on all the metering I have 
available at my station: Omni VI FWD meter, Daiwa CN720B SWR/Wattmeter 
and an AEA Econo-Tuner (with SWR/Wattmeter).

On SSB, I get what looks like full power output on the Omni VI 
FWD meter--at least it looks like full power output; it seems to just about
pin the meter on voice peaks.  However, my Daiwa and AEA wattmeters show
very low output power (not peaking over 20 watts).  Now, I know about damped
meter movements and if it were that, then shouldn't I see something similar on
CW?  I don't.  

Any ideas?  


Dale Martin, KG5U

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