[na-user] Re: KB5UL Questions about NA/Omni-VI

Charles Shaw Charles Shaw <n5ul@wtaccess.com>
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 13:02:12 -0800

        Thank you for taking time to address my problem.  I hesitate to
write to someone at a work address unless invited, thus this.

You said:
   >>1) KM9P  . . .  all three major programs (NA, CT, TRLog).
     The problems seemed to involve the microprocessor software within the
   >>2) KG5U . . . interface was sensitive to RF in Field Day environments.
As I said originally, I have the radio working perfectly on all bands using
CT; and, the problems occur even before any transmitting is done.  So I
doubt that either of these applies.

And you said:
   >>3) Warren, . . . for non-RS232 accessories . . .
     The secret is to only connect the RXD, TXD, and GND pins and the Omni-VI
     is happy.
The connection I am using for CT is:
        Computer DB-9F #3 to Omni-VI TXD  (pin 2)
        Computer DB-9F #2 to Omni-VI RXD  (pin 3)
        Computer DB-9F #5 to Omni-VI SGnd (pin 7)
        Computer DB-9F #4 to Computer DB-9F #6   (DTR to DSR)
None of the Omni-VI pins for bandswitching or remote tuning are involved.

Do I need to connect the computer RTS and CTS together???  This I have not

I don't think I'm missing anything in the program/computer setup, but as I
said--I've been wrong before!  Now I'm going to pretend this is an ICOM 781
once more and see. . ..


73, Charles - N5UL

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