[na-user] Needed feature!

Bill Fisher, KM9P km9p@contesting.com
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 15:11:24 -0400 (EDT)

With all of the single-op two radio stuff, I have 4 com ports in my
computer, 2 radios, and packet.  Combine this with the ever changing radios,
not marked com ports on the back of the computer, and baud rates that never
are the same and you have a mess every time you want to operate a contest.

I think a needed feature of the contesting software is a "seeker".  I tell
the program what radios I have connected and that I have a TNC.  The program
goes through each com port at different baud rates and IRQ's (if applicable)
and finds my hardware for me.  All of the modern communications packages are
doing this now and I doubt it would take much programming (ya easy for you
to say).

I do like NA's CONFIG program that lets you tell the program what hardware
you "normally" have on the computer.  This is great if nothing changes.  


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