NEW NA 9.29

Setzler setzler@C813.NPT.NUWC.NAVY.MIL
1 May 1996 07:38:52 U


I was very disappointed to note that this new version of NA also fails to
mention a fix for the program to simultaneously utilize rig control and the
K1EA DVP.  This is an old problem that, I thought, was going to be corrected
last year.  I also note that the advertisements still tout the features of rig
control and DVP support.  Although the ads don't specifically state
"simultaneous" radio control and DVP support, it is tacitly implied and one
would naturally assume that the program would be capable of supporting both
functions at one time.

If the fix has been implemented and I've missed the announcements, please
accept my apology and let me know how I can get it.  If the fix is not yet
out, can you give me (us) an idea of when it's coming?  If the fix is not
going to be implemented, I'd like to know that too.

I like NA and want to continue using it, I'd just like all of the features
that I bought it for to be available.

73 James Setzler kd1ng         >>  <<

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From: k3lr on Fri, Apr 26, 1996 6:10 PM
Subject: NEW NA 9.29

26 APR 1996
                    NA RELEASE 9.29 IS NOW AVAILABLE
NA version 9.29 is now available on the LTA BBS.  This is a new 
version has several new features, ...

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LTA  and Dave/K8CC

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