[na-user] Auto Insert to Band Map

John Bednar jkbe@aloft.micro.lucent.com (John Bednar)
Wed, 5 Feb 97 09:19:07 EST


>     Last week we had an interesting discussion started by Karel, OK2FD
>     about automatically having the callsign inserted into the Band Map
>     when the space bar was pressed.  I see a problem with this in that
>     partial calls will get into the band map.  

I thought about this also before returning my support for 
the idea. I believe the key to remember is that if the radio
frequency stays the same, the K8garblegarble, will be over-
written with K8Cgarble, and then finally K8CC. I wouldn't 
expect multiple entries in the band map unless the frequency was 
changed between attempts. If my logic is wrong let us know.

John, K3CT

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