[na-user] NA 10.15 Band Map Bug

David Pruett k8cc@ix.netcom.com (David Pruett)
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 18:07:09 -0600 (CST)

To All NA Users,

Thanks to the eagle eye of John, K3CT, we have discovered a bug in the 
revised band map in NA 10.15.  In single mode contests, DX spots from 
the current band *AND* one adjacent band will appear in the band map.  
For example, 160M and 80M spots will appear in both the 160M and 80M 
band maps, 40M and 20M spots will appear in both the 40M and 20M band 
maps, and finally 15M and 10M spots will appear in both the 15M and 10M 
band maps.  In a mixed mode contest, this problem does not occur, but 
since most of the big contests are single mode (particularly the 
upcoming ARRL DX tests), it seemed important to deal with this right 

The root cause of the problem has been determined and the bug has been 
fixed.  NA version 10.16 has been tested and will be sent to LTA tonite 
(Wednesday 2/12).  Unfortunately, K3LR is out of town on business and 
won't be back until tomorrow (Thursday, 2/13).  If you were planning on 
downloading 10.15 and need a good band map, please wait until tomorrow 
when 10.16 should be available.  If you need it *RIGHT AWAY*, please 
send an e-mail to dap14@chrysler.com and I will send it via an e-mail 

I'd ask that you only request the e-mail if you're planning to use NA 
in the upcoming ARRL DX CW contest, because I'm trying to get the K8CC 
station ready and I'd really appreciate minimizing the e-mail work.  
However, if you DO need it, feel free to make the request.  DON'T SEND 

73, Dave

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