[na-user] CW control with NA

David C. Haring David C. Haring" <haring@alaska.net
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 19:44:04 -0900

Here's hoping that some of you have already seen in the past and solved
my current problem...

CW control using NA10.?? on my 486-50, in the key-down mode, gives me
about half-power and a tone that's not clear.  Like when I turn the
speed up all the way on my MFJ keyer instead of use the "tune" button.

When I used the same program and interface on an ancient Compaq 386-16
(now deceased), I had no keying problems; clear tone; full power out.

I suspect that I have a nasty-looking ground on the 486, but haven't yet
checked.  Anybody experienced something similar, and care to give
details about how to proceed?

Thanks in advance -
Dave (WL7DB in Kenai, Alaska)

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