[na-user] Check Partial Operation

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Fri, 17 Jan 1997 09:15:18 -0500

     To: NA Users
     From: Dave Pruett, K8CC

     James, K1SD recently detailed his unsuccessful efforts to get the
     Callsign Database/Check Partial running.  Perhaps a brief primer with
     some background on the subject will allay whatever confusions exists
     on this subject.

     NA9 and early NA10 versions used the *.CAL format for callsign
     databases.  These are *NOT* the same as K1EA's MASTER.DTA.  These are
     files that K8CC/LTA generated from older K1EA MASTER.DAT files that
     were in ASCII.  These files were available on the LTA BBS.

     In July 1996, K8CC was finally able to figure out the quite
     complicated format of the K1EA MASTER.DTA files, so NA switched over.
     (Actually, I did the coding to make this work on the TWA flight to San
     Francisco for WRTC '96).  If I recall correctly, NA 10.05 was the
     first version with this change, which came out shortly after IARU/WRTC
     in July '96.

     Here are the steps to make callsign database checking (i.e., Super
     Check Partial in CT parlance) work:

     1) Once in the NA logging screen, type CALLDATABASE in the callsign
     field and hit enter.  NA allows you to have several different types of
     .DTA files (US calls only, DX calls only, etc.) each with a unique
     name so a small window pops up showing all of the available .DTA files
     (which must be in the default NA directory).  Pick the desired .DTA
     file with the highlight bar and press Ctrl-Enter.

     2) Make the Check Partial function automatic by typing AUTOCHECK in
     the callsign field.

     I know this works - those of us designated as "Alfred" used it
     extensively last weekend in NAQP CW from the Mad River Radio Club
     effort as K8MAD.

     73, Dave/K8CC

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