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Tue, 21 Jan 1997 11:01:37 -0500

     To: NA Users
     From: Dave Pruett, K8CC

     Bob, AA0CY recently asked about mouse support.  Would people find this
     useful?  What functions would you like to use the mouse for?

     A few people have asked about 50-line VGA mode and the ability to move
     windows around the screen.  This is a *MAJOR* rip up to the NA code,
     so I somewhat dread such a chore.  Mouse support in the current
     incarnation would not be too big a deal.  Remember, though, a mouse
     eats up either a COM port (serial mouse) or at least an IRQ (bus
     mouse).  Seems like we contesters never have enough of either...

     Another question I want to ask the users concerns the BAND MAP.  I get
     a number of complaints saying that the NA Band Map is inferior to the
     one in CT (which scrolls the stations up/down around YOUR frequency).
     I've thought a lot about this recently and have concluded that whether
     NA or CT is superior depends somewhat on what you use the band map
     for.  If you're trying to avoid pileups on stations you've already
     worked, the CT method is probably superior.  However, if you're simply
     looking for new stations or multipliers to work, I'm not sure that the
     NA method is inferior, particularly because you can grab stations from
     the band map with the Ctrl-Arrow keys just like the announcement list.

     We'd like to hear your comments on these, and other potential new
     features you might like to see.  I read EVERY piece of e-mail posted
     to this reflector and direct to me, and all ideas are given
     consideration.  Features that have general applications (i.e., all
     contests or geographical areas) are given priority, but even some
     features that are quite specialized might make it into the program.

     For example, does anyone use the EDIT COMMENTS feature in NA?  These
     comments take up a significant amount of space in the header of the
     .QDF file.  If nobody uses these, we could convert this data space
     into some additional CW messages or find some other useful purpose fot

     Post your ideas to the reflector - it will certainly stimulate

     73, Dave/K8CC

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