[na-user] Mouse Support etc

Darrel Van Buer palomino!rabbit!darrel@uunet.uu.net (Darrel Van Buer)
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 11:18:09 -0800

If NA supported a mouse when available, I would use it for the following:

Click on spots in the packet window and/or the announce window to QSY and
initialize the log entry (much as is now down with alt-F4).

Click on right call in check partial window.  Multiplier from abbrev. window
(e.g. sections/states) which should of course go in the right place in the
log entry regardless of which field has the cursor.

Click on band to change band.

During startup, select contest and log files and other options which are a
fixed list (e.g. power level).

Position to current and old log entry fields to do editing.

If you added a "task bar" of windows, use the mouse to call up the various

Like windows, the keyboard equivalents should still work, freely intermixed.

I have been using a mouse since 1982 (first on a $59,000 workstation two jobs
ago) and touch type.  My use of the keyboard and mouse is solidly mixed.
I use the mouse mostly for two things.  First, things which are a lot of
keystrokes without (e.g. in NA grabbing a packet spot not near the current
focus).  Second, for things I don't do very often so don't remember the 

My radio PC runs everything under OS/2 including NA, so I have already have
the dedicated serial port (one of four).  The concerns over code size costing
runnability on antique PCs could be dealt with by using overlays or DLLs for
various optional components, and only bringing the mouse code if a mouse
driver is detected.
	Darrel AK6I

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