[na-user] How to specify FM and other modes?

Dave Jenkins Dave Jenkins <djenkins@phoenix.net>
Wed, 09 Jul 1997 05:47:35 -0500

We used NA V10.xx to log our HF activity on Field Day.  Now I would like to
merge in the manual VHF log from another transmitter, and have the
following questions:

1)	It appears that bands are specified in wavelength up to 10M, and by
frequency thereafter - is that correct?  Is this configurable, or just a
quirk of the program?
Do folks receiving such logs hiccup at the change in notation?

2)	I presume I have to enter MANUALMODE to log the VHF activity - what is
the easiest way to get the accurate times for those QSOs into the log?

3)	How do I get modes other than CW or SSB (FM, packet e.g.) to log?  

Any other tips on merging a manual log with an NA log would be greatly

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