[na-user] Score Box in IARU

Jimmy R. Floyd Jimmy R. Floyd" <floydjr@interpath.com
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 17:29:28 -0300

BTW I forgot to mention that I did try Crtl F1 and F2. They
had no affect on it.

At 04:38 PM 7/16/97 -0300, Jimmy R. Floyd wrote:
>IARU was my first experience with NA and am very impressed and 
>pleased. I did have one problem and was wondering if I did something
>or a gitch.
>I ran SSB only in IARU. That entry window said 20SSB and all correct.
>But no matter what I did the score window put all my Q's under CW.
>Just for fun I went and started another QDF file and selected Mixed for
>my mode. It allowed me to change to anything I wanted. Even FSK
>and FM. In the mixed Mode the score window seems to work just 
>I went ahead and moved all the Q's over to SSB in my summary sheet
>with an editor so really it was no big deal. Just curious if I was doing
>something wrong.
>73 Jim
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