[na-user] Source for current .DTA Files?

Jim Reisert Jim Reisert <AD1C@tiac.net>
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 23:54:54 -0400

At 04:56 PM 7/25/97 -0400, Jeffrey Maass wrote:
>I have downloaded and used MASTER.DTA (timestamped 10-14-96) from the DATOM
>WWW site, but I wonder if there are other .DTA files available?
>The example in the NA manual (page 30) shows 'DX' and 'WVE' as also being
>out there somewhere. Where might I find them, and who keeps them
>up-to-date (adds newly-reactivated contesters like me and changes callsigns
>transmografied under the vanity callsign program)? 

I am the one who updates the files.  There will be a new update before the
CQWW contest, but probably not before.

There are a few others listed on the CT web page:


73 - Jim AD1C

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