[na-user] Re: Easy adding NL section & deleting VR2-VS6

dap14@chrysler.com dap14@chrysler.com
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 09:46:52 -0400

     The recent note from John, N0IJ about adding the new Newfoundland-
     Labrador section was right on the money.  Editing the NA country and
     multiplier files with the DOS editor is real easy once you've done it
     once or twice.  It also saves the user the hassle of trying to get new
     versions of these files from the Internet or landline BBS.

     However, there is one correction and one addition to John's note
     concerning editing COUNTRY.DAT to delete Hong Kong:

     1) N0IJ says "Scroll to Hong Kong and change the basic country column
     from VS6 to BY".  This is not correct - by doing this, you have
     created two Chinas in COUNTRY.DAT and there will be two "BY" entries
     on the country multiplier display.  Instead, you should delete the
     entire Hong Kong line.  This is real easy using the DOS editor - just
     move the cursor to the Hong Kong line and press Ctrl-Y and voila! the
     line is gone.  Then go ahead and save the file as John describes.

     2) There is still one more step to perform.  After editing
     COUNTRY.DAT, you need to run the NA Utility program (NAU) to make the
     actual country data files that NA uses.  Doing this puts the prefixes
     in alphabetical order, and omits certain countries (some are DXCC but
     not CQ and vica versa).  To do this type NAU to start the NA Utility
     program, and chose the "Make Country Files" option (I think its F6).
     NAU will make a new CQ.CTY and DXCC.CTY files, and you're all set.


     DATOM Engineering

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