[na-user] 10.22 troubles

Greg Clark Greg Clark <k9ig@contesting.com>
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 14:59:41 -0500

Hi Folks
I bet this is an operator error issue but I'm going to ask just the same.

I had 10.13 on my pc and had it all configured for CQWW this weekend,
ready to go.

Today I downloaded the new 10.22 code and unzipped all of the files.
I then copied them into my NA directory on my PC.

After that I typed NA, it asked me to register, I did.  It then asked
me to choose a QDF file, I chose my cqww.qdf for that I created
yesterday.  The program then asked me to choose the contest that I was
to operate....it only gave me 3 choices, 2 PA QSO party's and the Cal
QSO Part.  I had no other choices.

Where did all of my other contests go?? Am I missing a file??

I can go back to 10.13 and have no problems.

What did I do wrong guys?


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