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Thu, 23 Oct 1997 22:29:48 -0500 (CDT)

>Running Windows 95 on a 166 pentium w/32MB RAM. Restart in DOS. Using com
>port 1, radio control and cw keying work great separately. When
>configured to run radio control and cw from same port, bandswitching is
>very sluggish (3-4 secnds). 
>What I am I doing wrong?
>73 de Larry K7SV


When Win95 says re-starting in DOS, its only partially true.  Win95's DOS is a
pseudo-DOS, and I cannot guarantee what is going on.

I recommend that you create a DOS floppy and boot your computer into a TRUE
MS-DOS.  Once this happens, you can yank the floppy and run from the hard disk
(as long as you did not pick the 32-bit FAT option when Win95 was installed).  We
did this with K5GO's TI 5200 laptop from W6P during WRTC 1996 and or computer
problems went away.  However it did not keep RF from the antennas 40' over our
heads from locking up the computer...

I hate to have to keep whining about Win95 with regards to NA.  However, NA is a 
program that has to do some pretty extreme things to the computer's operating
system to do the background CW sending (same thing with TRLog and CT).  Under
a "real" MS-DOS the effects of this are documented, known and understood.  However,
all bets are off under Win95.

Whaddaya wanna bet that some day there will be a black market in DOS disks once
everybody has gone to Windows 2003?


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