[na-user] 10.22 Anomolies & notes

Bill Fisher, W4AN Bill Fisher, W4AN" <w4an@contesting.com
Sun, 26 Oct 1997 21:36:31 -0500

1.  Two radio frequency control doesn't quite work.   It works in one
direction but not the other.  Something is also busted in the partials
window in this same regard.  Hi lighted calls are not dupes on one radio
and are on the other.  I'm sure an easy fix.   ALT-MINUS and ALT-ENTER for
entering frequency information on the opposite radio is also busted in one
direction but not the other.  Can't remember details.  

2.  DVP doesn't stop IMMEDIATELY when typing a letter when repeat is ON.
This should be the case.  For some reason it keeps playing for a few

3.  Band map crashed the program almost immediately.

4.  With repeat ON.  Call a guy on the 2nd radio with F4.  Call is sent.
Program should do the equivalent of sending an ESC for cancelling the
repeat.  If you dont immediately send the contents of the exchange message,
the program starts dumping something on the 2nd radio like it was repeating
itself again.  Also, the automatic restart of CQ when doing two radio QSO"s
doesn't work.  What it should do is this...  Send F4 on 2nd radio.  When
it's done, CQ starts back up automatically on 1st radio.  Hit F2 to send
exchange.  CQ starts back up on 1st radio after exchange is sent.  If you
need to talk on the 2nd radio, you have to hit ESC to stop this loop.  

5.  There should be a way to make a mult on the fly like in CT.  Like you
work KG4QD and the program thinks he is a W.  You type 'whatever' and tell
the program it's a KG4.  

6.  I think it's better to note assume zones for UA0 QSO's.  Just like

7.  Check partial window doesnt work always when editing callsigns.  Like
if you backspace or insert.  Cant remember exactly.  It should work
regardless of how it was typed. 

8.  I still have to put in a request for check partial with wild cards.
Like KG?QD would produce KG4QD in the partials window.  

Overall very solid.  I cant tell you how much I appreciate Dave's work on 2
radio stuff especially in regards to the SSB operation.  It's sooooo slick.
   The new ALT-MINUS thing was a great idea.  



Bill Fisher, W4AN (EX KM9P)

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