[na-user] NA 10.23 notes/wishes

Jeffrey Yeager Jeffrey Yeager <jnyeager@southern.edu>
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 16:33:04 -0500 (EST)

Downloaded V10.23 today.  Seems to work ok with my Icoms, except 
cant set the non-main radios main or alt vfo when adding ALT to
MINUS or RETURN keys.  Have never tried this feature before so 
it maybe op error.

I wish CONTROL-ENTER would automaticly add the callsign to the 
band map without having to hit ENTER again. (like ct)  It would
also be nice to have the option, (in options panel) to have the 
callsign that is entered in the bandmap automaticly wiped 
from the callsign field if its a dupe. (after its entered in the bandmap)

73 Jeff K4JNY ex KQ4HC 

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