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Bill Fisher - W4AN Bill Fisher - W4AN <w4an@contesting.com>
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 10:01:21 -0400 (EDT)

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Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 00:02:28 -0400
From: Neal Sulmeyer, AE6E <ae6e@contesting.com>
To: SECC@contesting.com, fourlanders@smash.gatech.edu
Subject: NA 9.16 review

	In preparation for the upcoming VHF contest and HF contest season, I spent
several hours with NA 9.16 .
	I like the screen layout and the user interface much better than CT.  In
particular, the grid multiplier map displays an entire screens worth of
grids, the rate info and system status info (e.g. CW speed) share the
screen location and are part of the logging window. The inter-station
communications is far superior to CT. Included is point to point as well
broadcast for messages. A single message line display at the bottom of the
screen rather than a pop up window.  The "message" is displayed at the
target station(s)  for about 30 seconds and then vanish.  New "messages"
are overlayed so you loose the last one during  heavy use.  With P to P
this should not be a serious problem. In the "new message" window the last
6 or so messages are there if needed.
	However, many problems occurred when trying to get peripherals to work.
In particular,  it does not control my FT990 properly.  Since this
particular problem is not relevant for the VHF contest and I don't have a
different radio to test, I continued my investigation.  I can get my DVP
board to work if and only if I following the procedure outlined in
DVPHLP.TXT, and  NO other devices are enabled (ie network,packet). This is
the very same problem I had with earlier versions.
	In conclusion, if you don't have my FT990 and you don't have my DVP board,
it might work great for you.  I plan to use CT until something
significantly better is available.

Neal Sulmeyer, AE6E
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