[na-user] Transistor Alternate

K4OJ@aol.com K4OJ@aol.com
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 13:42:11 -0400 (EDT)

....several of you have sugested that I try the 2N3904 as a sub for the
2N2222 in the keying and ptt switching contoller....since Radio Shack had
this one (had to go to two different stores to get enough of them, actually
three - they shut down the RS in the Mall I first went to)......so, I went
that route.

Internet reflectors rule....sure is a joy....back to the soldering....will
let you guys know if any problems on the sub otherwise I would say we have a
"match"....Dave P if you are following this....you may wish to change the
suggested component in your manual...I am sure a lot of NA-Users are like
myself in that we buy our components from Radio Shack...if they don't got it
it is a hassle....if they do they are right around the perverbial corner.

Ouch, damn that iron got hot quick....



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