[na-user] Logging Mobiles

David A. Pruett David A. Pruett" <k8cc@ix.netcom.com
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 15:30:28 -0400

The recent post by Ron, WD4AHZ is right on the mark for logging mobiles. 
The "QTH Must Match for Dupe" option allow one to work a station in
multiple counties by only counting a dupe when the QTHs (in this case,
counties) are equal.

Ron's comment about FL stations working the mobiles was a subtlety that I
had not considered.  However, I *THINK* NA will still allow this.  When a
FL station works a FL mobile, the mobile sends his county but it is
"aliased" to FL for scoring purposes.  The mult matching (if I recall
correctly) relies on the data in the fields, which would still allow unique
QSOs to be identified.

Being a contest software writer is a pain in the butt with people coming up
with wierd rules...



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