[na-user] 10.32 Upgrade Problems

MelhadoWK@aol.com MelhadoWK@aol.com
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 07:30:31 EDT

I just upgraded from 10.21 to 10.32 and have a couple of minor problems.  I
can open an existing log with no problem, but when I try to run the new built-
in config function from the DOS prompt by entering "NA CONFIG", I get a
message "DX Multiplier File cannot be found".  Note that the file paths in the
old config were ok.  Any suggestions?

Also, I have a Kenwood TS-850 which I have been using successfully with NA.  I
now notice that there are 2 Kenwood items in the Radio List.  Which is the
right one for my radio (KENWOOD1 or KENWOOD2)?

Warren (KG2BI)

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