[na-user] New NA Version Available

David A. Pruett David A. Pruett" <k8cc@ix.netcom.com
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 23:26:54 -0500

11 DECEMBER 1998

A new version of the NA contest logging program is now available from the
Radio Bookstore or the DATOM Engineering web site.  This version has the
following changes:

Bug fixes -

*   Missing cursor in KEYER CONTROL PANEL at program start fixed (tnx

*   DUPE ALTERNATE CALL can now be done from any log entry field (tnx

*   Using two radios, when on radio 2 the VFO up/down keys sets the radio 1
    frequency in radio 1 then tunes it.  Affected all radio types except 
    certain Yaesu models (tnx K6LA).

*   Two-radio operation did not function correctly in mixed mode contests
    with one radio on CW and the other on SSB (tnx K6LA).

*   In ARRL 10M contest, a DX callsign would erroneously insert the country
    prefix in the QTH field.  Callsigns which should default to a mult 
    abbreviation (KH6/KL7/VE) did not.  (Tnx K4JYO, K5HDU & W8XI)

New features -

*   New command BANDMAPTIME allows adjusting timeout duration of band map
    from 1-99 minutes (tnx K6LA & N5TJ).

Current versions of NA and accessory programs:

NA      10.35
NAU      1.26
NAQSL    3.13
TE       1.09
CONFIG   1.08


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Tom Pruett, WB8VMN

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