[na-user]Lock Up on W9XT Card

hal walchli hal walchli <estelle@nb.net>
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 00:16:05 -0500

I don't know if my problem is exactly same. When I first got the w9xt
card about a year ago I found out that if the cw and phone ports were
both LPT2 (as directed in the w9xt instructions) that,  in dual mode
contests,  going from phone to cw and back to phone would wipe out all
phone messages.  Simply switching to cw then back to phone without using
the keyer did not erase the voice message. Using phone does not erase
the CW messages.  The mike was useable even if memory was not but
messages had to be input again after each switch. I emailed w9xt about
this but never got a reply.  This was a big pain but the simple solution
was to run the cw on a com port and the voice on LPT2 and there was no
problem.  The problem is present from NA 10 on up and probably before.
.  I assume that it is a memory conflict or a memory pointer problem I
don't know if NA programming can fix the problem or if it is a card
interface problem. Exiting to DOS from NA does not wipe the voice but if
you reload and use cw memory first it does wipe out the voice message.
.  The same memory must not be used in both modes because recording
voice messages does not wipe out the cw messages, or vice versa  However
when both are on lpt2 ,using the cw message does wipe out the voice, but
using the voice does not wipe out cw.   Now that it has hit the
reflector maybe someone will come up with the answer, if there is not
some basic incompatibility.   Do any of the other logger/cards have this
problem?    Hal, W3TWI  ,estelle@nb.net

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