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Bill Long Bill Long <wlong@wmdc.edu>
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 18:05:34 +0000

>In a message dated 98-02-22 20:22:49 EST, you write:
><< I had just the same problem, but didn't have the presence of mind to put
> /CO or something.  I just wrote KG4DZ on a piece of scrap paper and pressed
> on.  Can anyone let me know how to add it in now? >>
>Have you been able to "fix" NA.  If so, please advice me since I have the same
>Doug  W0AH

Sure, Doug.

First, I used a text editor to modify the "country.dat" master file.
The instructions for doing this are in the NA manual.  I don't have the
manual with me here, but if you have trouble finding the instruction in
yours, just e-mail me again and I'll look up the page number for you when I
get home.  I just added the callsign of the KG4 that I worked to the others
already listed in the country.dat file.  This is an individual callsign.
You'll find quite a list of these with the Guantanamo Bay line in the
country.dat file.  I simply added one more.

Second, I used the NAU utility program to generate new country files from
the modified country.dat master.  The NA manual will tell you how to do

Third, I pretended to enter the contest again in NA, setting up a contest
".qdf" file exactly as I did for the contest (but with a different name).
I logged the KG4DX qso just as if I were working him, and NA accepted it
this time.  Notice that this is not the contest ".qdf" file I used in the
contest, it's a new one into which I entered only one qso.

Fourth, I used the ctrl-T command to edit the date and time of this KG4DX
qso to match those I had written on paper during the actual contest when I
worked him.

This gave me two contest files, one with all my contest qso's but the KG4,
and one with just the KG4.

Fifth, I used the NAU utility program to MERGE the two contest files.
Instructions for doing this are also in the NA manual.  It's the thing
multi-multi stations would do to merge the files generated at their various
operating stations during a contest.  This produced a combined file with
the KG4 qso all in place, slick as a whistle.  The scoring was all correct
and everything.  This is the file that I used to generate my contest entry

It didn't take much longer to do the job than it took me to write this, and
I want to thank those who replied to my original question with hints as to
what to do.  NA is a fine program, and it appears to be used by a classy
group of people.

Thanks, folks!  73, Bill NY3M

Bill Long NY3M

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