[na-user] NAQSL program Error

Victor A. Dubois Victor A. Dubois" <n4to@ct.net
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 16:40:49 -0500

I'm a new user of NA, used 10.25 this past weekend and it worked perfectly
in our multi-two setup.

I tried to print QSL labels (yes I QSL contest QSO's) and all I get is a
DOS error message as soon as I type NAQSL I get the following, along with
the NAQSL starting page, and am at the DOS prompt:

	"error 05 occured in module NAQSL at address 1404:08BE"

I received my NA version 10.25 about a month ago a friend a couple of miles
away got his about 2 weeks ago, he also gets the same error message. Is
this a problem or what are we doing wrong. I tried all different printer
setups in the config program, no difference still dumped to the DOS prompt.


Vic   N4TO

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