[na-user] *.RES & the Canadian VA Prefix

ROBERT WANDERER ROBERT WANDERER <aa0cy@robertwanderer.gardnerville.nv.us>
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 11:57:10 -0800

In response to the reflectoree who had problems
trying to get a *.RES file created using NAU and
NA 10.24. Using 10.25, I too was unable to get
*.RES files. This was true for both conditions, with
and without mode information. NAU created a *.RES
file in my NA directory (rather than putting it in my
QDF subdirectory as it does when creating a SDF
version) but it had 0 bytes.

Although COUNTRY.DAT shows the VA prefix, the
program doesn't "recognize" it during the contests.

73, Bob AA0CY

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