[na-user] DC mult in cq160.mlt file

Milt Jensen, N5IA Milt Jensen, N5IA" <miltj@aepnet.com
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 01:37:26 -0700

According to the notices from the contest director, K4JRB, DC is a separate
mult in the CQ 160 'tests beginning this year (next weekend).  If you have
not edited the cq160 mult files to include DC, you need to do so to obtain
the additional mult count and point computation.  CU all next weekend.
                                73 de Milt, N5IA, New Mexico

At 08:33 PM 1/18/98 -0800, Fred Roberts wrote:
>It seems to me I heard that DC and MD were separate mults for some
>contest or other.  I dropped a message to Rick Palm at the ARRL and he
>said, "No, MDC is the section."  That's my 2 cents worth.
>Fred Roberts, W6TKV
>Riverside, CA
>Dan Kovatch wrote:
>> Maybe I am being dense but I don't see the DC mult in the CQ160.mlt
>> file
>> that I downloaded from the Datom site. It has Maryland as MD but no DC
>> ?
>> I guess I'll edit but has anyone else noticed this?
>> 73 Dan
>> W8CAR
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