[na-user] Editing Contest Log ??

David A. Pruett David A. Pruett" <k8cc@ix.netcom.com
Mon, 1 Jun 1998 23:31:19 -0400

On Sun, 31 May 1998, Mike Rhodes wrote:
> #1 - The very first contact I had the PC clock set wrong. How do I edit
> single time?
CTRL-T will allow you to change date/time for the individual QSO...
> #2 - I entered a call incorrectly (entered Y31 instead of YV1. When I
> changed it, it took the Y31 prefix mult away and gave me hash marks (/ /
> /) instead of the YV1 prefix. Again, how do I fix it?

And Bob Patten wrote in reply:

>Use the NA Utilities.  Select F1, File Conversions.  Convert your .QDF to 
>a .SDF.  Find the Y31 in the .SDF and edit it to YV1 with your ASCII 
>editor.  Go back to the NAU and convert the .SDF back to .QDF.  When you
>the file back up in NA, you will have to re-enter all your station
>but the prefix mult will be fixed.

In case anyone did not see my other e-mail on this subject, it is not
to exit NA to fix Mike's issues.  Move to the QSO and use Ctrl-T to edit
time.  As for the mult bug, Mike edited the callsign already and the next
he loads the file it will score correctly.


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