[na-user] NA on win95/Pentium

Ted Heilmann Ted Heilmann <theilman@execpc.com>
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 21:47:25 -0500

Burt Eldridge wrote:

> >Hi. I have been using NA for some time but only with DOS 6.22 on a 486
> machine. I need to run it on my Pentium laptop with win95 for Field Day.
> Does not seem to work there.

When I run NA on my Win95 machine,
I  choose Shutdown from Start menu,
then Restart In DOS Mode.
Go to my NA subdirectory and
run from there in DOS mode.

I've not had any problems "so far".

We've been told many times by
many people that NA is NOT a Win95 program.

73... es gud luk


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