[na-user] W9XT card and NA SSB problem

Dan Kovatch Dan Kovatch <w8car@lrbcg.com>
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 09:18:11 -0700

I have a W9XT card and NA configured on LPT1 in the computer.  I decided
to set it up to CQ in the VHF QSO Party. This is the problem-it wouldn't
let me load or fire the memories via NA.

The card works to key the radio just FB on CW.

The W9XT program that allows you to load it via DOS allows me to load
the memories and fire them under control of that program. If I load them
and switch to NA it doesnt work.

When I fire the msg via F1 the screen says "send voicekeyer msg. 1"

When I try to load the keyer (shift F1) I get "voicekeyer not ready to
record on LPT1"

I have tried all the switches and read and reread the manual> Any help
for this appliance SSB operator will be greatly appreciated.


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