[na-user] CW Keyer problem

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Tue, 30 Jun 1998 09:31:12 -0400

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David A Pruett
06/30/98 09:26 AM

To:   Sean Warner K0XQ <k0xq @ amsat.org>
Subject:  Re: [na-user] CW Keyer problem  (Document link not converted)

Sean, K0XQ asked the question:

"Does anyone have an idea why the CW keyer in such Win95 programs such as
Write Log v9.09 & DX4WIN v3.02 work flawlessly, but generate only a solid
carrier with TR & NA? DX4WIN & WL claim to use the same pinout as the DOS
loggers, & they are correct-but for some reason, I cannot get either TR or
NA to send CW. This is an odd problem that has baffled me, & one I would
like to get squared away-any suggestions and/or comments are welcome &

If you're trying to run NA or TR under Win95, its likely that its Win95
that's messing things up.  You see Win95 takes over control of the ports
(incluing the LPT) and is most likely not allowing a program from the DOS
window (like NA or TR) to run the port directly like it needs to.  Frankly,
that SHOULD be the easy part - I'm amazed that the timing for the CW
running in the background is correct under Win95.

I know of people who successfully run NA in a Win95 DOS window, but I'm not
sure whether they are using the CW keying.  Can anybody shed some light on
this for Sean?


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