[na-user] /M and /MM stations

Bob Patten Bob Patten <n4bp@bc.seflin.org>
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 03:19:14 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 11 Mar 1998, David A. Pruett wrote:
> >From one viewpoint, why log the /M at all?  We had a number of cases at
> WP3X where a station would show up as /M one time and not /M another.  Does
> it really matter?  Perhaps it might for QSLing, but even then how do you
> KNOW he is mobile?  Personally, this is the same category as /QRP - its an
> issue between the other station and an awards manager.
I answered Doug too quickly on this one.  I did suggest the same as you 
on the /M however.  If the fellow wants a QSL with /M on it, he will 
indicate this on the card that he sends.  Also, it could be indicated in 
a note associated with the QSO that he was mobile.
> I can see that maritime mobile would be different, the station is out on a
> ship and probably in a different ITU or CQ zone.
> The only way to REALLY fix this is to make /M and /MM not valid callsign
> configurations.  M/K8CC would be decoded as England but K8CC/M would be
> mobile.  What is the concensus of the users?
I suggested to Doug that he log the MM region (/R2 for example) as is 
done in the 10M contest.  But in the ARRL DX contest, the MM regions are 
not mults.  I don't have the rules with me here at work.  What does the 
MM station send as his "country"?  I think I recall seeing where a MM 
counts only for point value and not as a mult...

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